Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A snowglobe

Okay, I did some Christmas shopping last night, and after I got home and had wrapped all my nice new presents, I had some left over containers from some gifts. (I had taken out the gift to include it in a gift basket.) Anyway, I ended up having two clear, cylindrical tubes leftover. For some reason, my eyes kept seeing them as snowglobes, so what did we make? Snow globes, of course! :) Or I guess you could call them Snow tubes? Anyway, This was a fun project that I think would entertain both little kids and big kids alike. Plus, you can recycle old scraps of paper and the clear gift boxes you may get this season. :) If you're interested, here's the materials we used and the process of what we did.

glue (either the bottle glue or glue with a brush is best. Stick glue wouldn't work too well.)
clear cylindrical tubes
an object to display inside (such as a small, thin toy or a small picture)
leftover scrap paper or glitter (you can use any colors or color coordinate with your object)
First, here's some pictures of what we used, just incase you're like me and have to see it to understand what I'm talking about. :)

Next we picked out what object we wanted to be in our globe, plus the colors we wanted to use for the 'glitter', or confetti inside our globes. (I used the snowmen and my neice used the hearts. She wanted lots of colors in her globe, too, while I wwen to have a more traditional one.) Notice that for our object, we simply made our own pictures out of paper. But if you wanted, you could put in a photo, or a toy, or whatever. (putting a toy inside with confettit would be so much fun for a kid to open on Christmas!)

Next we put it all together...brush some glue around the top rings to hold it on and...

...Voila! We have a snowglobe! :)

Here's a close up of each one to let you have a better look. (Mine is the snowman and my neices' is the hearts. Also, I put tape on tope of hers simply to make it more durable so that she could play with it until the glue dried.)

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